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Fox Tales, October, 2021




Whew!  It’s been a long, hot summer.  We may get a few more warm spells, but Autumn means cooler temperatures and shorter days, and possibly rain.   What does this mean for you and your horse?  That depends on what your plans are:  Will you be showing, trail riding, or just hacking?  Are you planning to give your horse some time off?


Drought:  The Western US is suffering from a severe drought.  Long range forecasts predict we will have another dry winter.  This means we must conserve water wherever we can.


Fire Season:  From now until December, we must be especially vigilant and prepared in the case of wildfires.  If we have to evacuate, we must be prepared to do so.  Please update your contacts info with us so we can reach you in an emergency.


For You:


Now may be a good time to start cleaning and oiling your tack, waterproofing your boots, putting some leather conditioner on your saddle.


Think about getting those warm clothes - jackets, gloves, hats, boots, raincoats, wellies - out of storage.  

Rainy Day Cancellation:  If it's raining, or if rain is in the forecast, and you’re wondering if lessons are cancelled, call your instructor.  Sometimes it's perfect riding weather at the barn, while it's raining at your house.  If you miss a package lesson, remember to reschedule it during the same month.


Lesson Schedules:  It will be pleasanter to ride mid-day when possible.  Remember that lessons need to be done by 5 PM.


For Your Horse:


Exercise:  Shorter days and rain often mean the horses get less exercise.   Work with us to make sure your horse gets the exercise needed to stay fit and healthy.


Clipping:  There are two types, a trace clip and a body clip.  A trace clip will clip the chest and belly, reducing sweating but allowing the horse to maintain a warm coat on his back.  A full body clip makes it easier to keep your horse clean, reduces sweating, and looks nicer, but he'll need day sheets and blankets in cold weather.  Check our website's Services and Fees tab for prices on clipping and blanketing.


Corrals:  Some horse owners have opted to put rubber mats and/or larger 12' x 24' roofs in their horse's corral.  If you want to do this, talk to us soon to get an idea of costs and timing.


Day sheets and Blankets:  This is a good time to get those blankets washed and repaired, or to buy new ones.


Feed Regimen:  Generally, your horse will be fine with the same feed schedule, but a shaggy winter coat makes it harder to tell if he is gaining or losing weight.  To keep an eye on his weight, you can run your hands and eyes over his rib cage, shoulders, and hip bones.  You can use our weight tape to monitor his weight.  Your girth fit may also be an indicator of his weight.


Frisky Caballos:  Cool weather means a frisky horse that might need time in the round pen, in a turnout, or on the longe line to settle down.




Halloween FUN SHOW Oct. 30:  Great fun for the whole family.  Look for the flyers at the barn.


Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday Nov. 7:  Remember to set your clocks back one hour so you won’t miss your lesson.


Thanksgiving is Thursday Nov. 25.  No lessons, since we'll be busy cooking, but horse owners may come hack on their own.  We will be giving lessons on Friday, so please schedule with your trainer.  


Christmas Party,  December 10 at the Hawley’s house.  Invitations will be coming soon.  Bring a side dish and something to drink.  We are requesting everyone to make sure you’re vaccinated, please.

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