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Our Safety Policies

Our Policies Are For Your Protection



Let's be honest: Riding has risks.  Riding is an active outdoor activity working with large, powerful and sometimes unpredictable animals.  While we make every effort to provide a safe environment and safe horses, we can't eliminate those risks.  The best we can do is to minimize them by following guidelines learned from experience.


At Hidden Fox Farm, we know that you have entrusted us with the most precious things you possess - your safety, your child's well being, the care of your beloved horse.  We work hard to honor that trust by firmly adhering to tried-and-true rules of safety and conduct, the most important of which are:


Learn the Safety Guidelines of horsemanship and the safe handling of horses - there are many - and practice them conscientiously. 


Horses should always be treated with respect and kindness.  Careless or abusive treatment of an animal is counterproductive, and poses a danger to other riders, other horses, and bystanders.

Attire & Etiquette

Approved safety helmets and boots MUST be worn by all riders on the property.


Jumping in the arena is ONLY permitted with a trainer present during a lesson, and NEVER alone.

Trail Riding

Use the buddy system. Let someone know where you're going and when you'll return.  Dress appropriately. Take a cell phone.


We love them. Small children MUST be attended and supervised by a parent or suitable guardian AT ALL TIMES while on the property.


Dogs can spook horses and get into fights, and this poses dangers to horses, riders, bystanders, and other dogs.  Problems are most apt to occur during busy times when there are lots of people and other dogs, and during social functions when there are children and food about.  Be a responsible dog owner: Bring your dog to the barn only during quiet periods - weekday mornings or weekend afternoons.   


Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Farm. Thank you.

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