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Horse Shows

Are you interested in showing?  if you are, you've come to the right place!

Each year, riders from Hidden Fox Farm attend local county horse shows at various facilities around San Diego County.

HFF Riders have a great time at these shows, competing with other riders across San Diego County.  Our riders have always done well at the shows and earned good ribbons.


So why show?  Riders will have the opportunity to measure their skills and progress.   Riders will learn to take on the responsibility for managing themselves, their tack and riding gear, and their horses.  They will learn about sportsmanship and competition in a healthy and supportive environment.  They will meet lots of new horsey friends with shared interests.  And their memories of these experiences will last a lifetime.

What Other Parents Say

What is this "horse show" business all about and why should we do it?  We can't say it any better than the many parents out there who have experienced it first hand.

Quotes from Horseshow Parents:


"Whatever level your child is riding, I believe this sport is an extraordinary character building exercise. The hard work, the personal sacrifice, the heartbreak, trying to understand your partner when they can’t tell you what is ailing them, the exhilaration of winning and the frustration of not winning, are all amazing life lessons."

"Riding horses and competing in shows teach our kids a lot. How to be tough under pressure, how to be there for each other, and perhaps most importantly how to treat people and animals with respect."

"I cannot say enough about the amazing experiences that owning and showing horses has afforded my daughter. I am so grateful for the time it has given us together over the years. Without a doubt, she is the person she is today because of the lessons she has learned from this amazing sport."

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