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Horse Boarding

We board horses that are in one of our training programs. We feed alfalfa hay, Bermuda grass, or pellets, up to four flakes in three feedings daily. Barn stalls  and corrals are cleaned daily. Services included in board are fly masks on & off, and scheduling of veterinary and farrier services.

Other services, such as grooming, doctoring, and body clipping, are available as needed. We will be happy to tailor any program to meet your requirements and allow you to pay only for those services you desire and need.

Boarding Facilities & Services

 Barn Stalls

Indoor 12' x 16' Stall with shavings and automatic waterer. 

24' x 48' Corrals

Outdoor Pipe Corral with roof and automatic waterer.  

24' x 24' Corrals

Outdoor Pipe Corral with roof and automatic waterer.  

Additional Services

  • Extra Hay 

    • One extra flake Alfalfa or Bermuda hay per day 

  • Extra Feed

    • Vitamins and oat/mo fed daily.

  • Dispensing 

    • Owner provides vitamins/medications, HFF provides oat/mo and feeds daily.

  • Dispensing

    • Owner provides everything, Hidden Fox Farm feeds daily.

  • Blanketing 

    • Winter blanket and summer sheets.

  • Mane Pulling

    • Mane pulled to a tidy, hunter style.

  • Clipping

    • Face, bridle path, & legs.

  • Worming

    • Paste wormer every 6 months

  • Exercise 

    • Turn-out, longe, or walk 3-6 times weekly

  • Trailering 

    • Local trailering rates.

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