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(Effective 6/1/2023)

Lesson Programs


For riders who do not own a horse.  Students build a solid foundation of horsemanship skills, learning stable management, control of the horse, and correct form, both on the flat and over fences. 

  • Introductory Lessons:  $155.00  Two Stable Management* lessons (see below)

  • Single Riding Lesson:  $105.00  30 minute private or 1 hour group

  • Lesson Program 1:  $365.00 /month  Four lessons per month, group or private

  • Lesson Program 2:  $430.00 /month  Five lessons per month, as above.

  • Lesson Program 3:  $645.00 /month  Eight lessons per month, as above.


Lesson program "packages" are offered at discounted rates.  If you do not receive all of your lessons during the month, the cost reverts to the individual lesson fee.  Payment is due at your first lesson each month.  You may cancel and re-schedule them during the current month only. 

*Designed for beginners, Lesson 1 covers the procedures for grooming and tacking up a horse.  In lesson 2, the student grooms, tacks up and mounts the horse, learning control and basic positions.


Training Programs for Horse Owners

Training includes training rides, lessons, turn-outs, blanketing, and dispensing of medications and vitamins provided by the owner.

  • Partial Training:  $520/Month.  3 sessions/week.  

  • Full Training: $630/Month. 4-6 sessions/week.  Plus clipping, mane pulling, doctoring, etc.



We board horses in our training or exercise programs.  We feed alfalfa & Bermuda hay or pellets, up to four flakes of hay in three feedings per day.  Stalls are cleaned daily.  Services included are fly masks and scheduling of veterinary and farrier services.


  • 24' x 24' Pipe Corral: $480/Month

  • 24' x 48' Pipe Corral: $540/Month

  • 12' x 16' Barn Stall:  $710/Month

Additional Services

  • Extra Hay $80.00/month One extra flake Alfalfa or Bermuda hay per day.

  • Dispensing  $60.00 /month Owner provides supplements, Hidden Fox Farm feeds daily.

  • Blanketing  $60.00 /month Winter blanket and summer sheets.

  • Mane Pulling  $40.00 Mane pulled to a tidy, hunter style.

  • Clipping  $35.00 Face, bridle path, & legs.

  • Worming  $30 Paste wormer every 6 months

  • Exercise  $155.00 /month Turn-out, longe, or walk 3-6 times weekly

  • Trailering  $2.95 per mile each way. Local trailering rates

Other services, such as grooming, doctoring, and body clipping, are available.  We will tailor any program to meet your requirements and allow you to pay only for those services you desire.

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