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Horse Show Information

General Show Information: 


Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Assn.

For show schedules and points, see:

Horse Show Locations:

Echo Shows:

Heartland Ranch 

12139 Moreno Ave 

Lakeside CA 92040

Pot of Gold Shows:

International Equestrian Center

16911 Gunn Stage Road

Ramona, CA 92065

South Coast Show Series at Sweetwater Farms:

3051 Equitation Lane,

Bonita, CA. 91902



Budget about $300 per show

  1. Trailering Fee - $30 - $75 depending on destination, paid to HFF

  2. Use of Horse: $50 paid to HFF

  3. Coaching Fee- $50 paid to your coach

  4. Show Fees- $75 paid to horseshow

  5. Entry Fees- about $20 per class, paid to horseshow


What to Wear:

(Visit San Diego Saddlery or Mary's Tack for clothing and advice.)

  1. Tan breeches with belt

  2. Black or Navy show coat

  3. Matching conservative collared show shirt 

  4. Black helmet

  5. Paddock boots and garters if you are under 13 

  6. Tall boots or boots with half chaps if you are 13 or older

  7. Hair in a hairnet or low bun*  Braids are appropriate for Walk/Trot classes

  8. Black gloves

  9. Riding crop

  10. Wear sweatpants/jammies over your breeches the morning of the horse show so that they stay clean until you are ready to show!


* (Tucking long hair under the helmet won't give you a secure fit and optimum protection). 

Horse Preparation:


Horses will be clipped and have their manes pulled prior to the show. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure the horse they are showing is clean the day before the show. There are dry shampoos and other grooming products available that make show prep possible without a full bath.  Additionally, riders are welcome to use our horse vacuum in the grooming stall.  Light colored horses or horses with white markings will need extra attention and may require a touch up the morning of the show. No braiding is necessary for the show.


Tack Preparation:


All tack should be cleaned and oiled if needed the day before the show by the student. Bits should be sparkling and have no gunk left on them. Horses showing in the hunter and equitation divisions will need a clean, shaped white pad (we can provide these but it is your responsibility to make sure they are clean!). Horses in the jumper divisions may use a white square pad. All tack will be loaded in the horse trailer the night before the show by the student so that we can leave on time the next morning. It is a good idea to make a list of everything you need to bring and double-check it!

Please remember that martingales are not allowed in flat classes and the rider will be disqualified.




Entries are due the Friday before the horse show and can be done online. Here is the link to the Echo horse show website: 

Use the HFF address for both horse owner (Katy Boswell) and trainer (Haley Morrissey) -- unless you're using a privately owned horse, of course!   You only need to fill out the red-starred information.


Ignore the "prize money payee" information unless the form makes you enter it, and then put a parent's name.  You do NOT need to enter any payment information into this form.  Bring a check for the show fees.

We will talk on an individual basis about what classes to enter and what horse to ride.


Horse Show Day:


Each show will be different based on who is attending and the class schedule so we will send out an itinerary when the time comes. Show days are long days so make sure to get a good night’s sleep the day before and eat a good breakfast.  It is highly recommended that you bring snacks, suntan lotion, a hat, folding chairs, a camera, wipes, hair ties, hairnets, reading material, and lots of water!   Most horse shows will have a food booth or lunch wagon, but you may prefer to bring your own lunch.  Hopefully we will have nice weather but remember to bring jackets if needed! 

And don't forget the HORSE!  Bring treats (cookies, carrots, or apples) and make sure they enjoy the show too!  You will also need a grooming kit, rub rag, and fly spray.

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