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Boarder_______________________________________________________ Move in date_______________

Address_______________________________ ________________________Home Ph #_________________

City___________________________________________Zip____________ _Work Ph #_________________

Cell Phone________________ Email:_________________________________________________________

Boarder's Health Care Carrier_____________________________Policy Number_____________________


Horse's Name _________________________ Age _____ Height ______Sex_____ Breed________________

Disclose Horse’s Vices and Disposition_______________________________________________________ 

Feeding Requirements_____________________________________________________________________

Horse's Insurance Carrier___________________________________________________________________

Agent__________________________ Phone_____________ Policy Number__________________________

Horse’s Veterinarian ______________________________________ Ph. # ____________________________

Horse’s Shoer ___________________________________________  Ph # ____________________________



Boarding Agreement:  The undersigned (hereinafter "Boarder") does hereby hire Hidden Fox Farm to board the above-described horse on a month-to-month basis.  The board fee (hereinafter "Board") includes a corral or stall with tack space, feeding morning and evenings, and cleaning once a day, 6 days a week.  Board further includes use of the facilities, including arenas, turnout areas, wash racks, and parking area, in accordance with the attached Rules and Regulations.  Hidden Fox Farm reserves the right to move the horse from stall to stall.


Feeding:  Hidden Fox Farm feeds 1 flake of hay (Bermuda grass or Alfalfa) twice each day.  Extra hay, feeds, vitamins, or medications are available for an additional fee (see Services & Fees schedule).  


Boarding Fees: Boarding and services fees are published on our website, and are subject to change.  Board is due on the first of each month.  A $2.00 per day late fee will be charged if Board is received after the 10th of the month. A $25.00 service charge will be charged on all returned checks.


Liens:  Boarder hereby grants to Hidden Fox Farm a lien upon the aforementioned animal to the extent legally allowable for all unpaid charges or expenses. This lien shall go into effect at such time Boarder has become indebted to Hidden Fox Farm for charges for board, services or repairs. This lien shall also apply if 30 days written notice was not given and the Horse was removed from the premises without payment.


Boarder’s Responsibilities:  Boarder is solely responsible for all additional care of horse, including, but not limited to, veterinary care and shoeing. For an additional fee, Hidden Fox Farm will provide turn-outs, exercise, trailering, and veterinary assistance.


Boarder warrants that the horse is free from contagious or infectious diseases and current on all immunizations and will provide evidence of such to Hidden Fox Farm. Boarder agrees to keep immunizations current while horse is resident at Hidden Fox Farm and, in the event that evidence is not forthcoming, authorizes Hidden Fox Farm to have their veterinarian administer the necessary shots. All illnesses must be reported to management.


Boarder accepts responsibility to see that horse is exercised sufficiently to promote good mental and physical health of the animal. If Boarder does not get horse exercised sufficiently, Hidden Fox Farm, at its discretion, will see that said horse will be turned out, lunged etc., and Boarder hereby agrees to pay for these services. Should Boarder be unable, due to illness, vacation, etc., to provide sufficient exercise for the horse, Hidden Fox Farm will schedule horse turn-out, lunging etc., with proper notice and charges according to the fee schedule.


Damage Reimbursement:  Boarder agrees to reimburse Hidden Fox Farm for the cost of repair or replacement of any equipment or property damaged by Boarder, Boarder’s guests, or Boarder’s horse, including damage to tack rooms, corrals, stalls, waterers, fencing, jumps, and cross ties. Any such damage should be reported to management.


Emergency Vet Calls:  In case of emergency, Boarder hereby grants Hidden Fox Farm permission to call a veterinarian to provide emergency care to the horse, and Boarder agrees to the treatment deemed advisable by the veterinarian.  In case Boarder cannot be contacted the maximum amount of money Hidden Fox Farm may contract care for on behalf of Boarder is $___________.   Boarder agrees to pay any charges thus incurred.  


Horse Insurance:  Hidden Fox Farm does not provide medical or mortality insurance for Boarder’s horse.  Boarder is encouraged to carry her/his own equine insurance.


Personal Liability Insurance:  Boarder agrees to maintain personal liability insurance on boarded horse and to provide Hidden Fox Farm with proof of same. 


Medical Insurance:  Boarder agrees to at all times maintain adequate accidental and medical insurance to cover Boarder, family members, and guests.


Personal Property Insurance:  Boarder is advised that damage to, or loss of Boarder’s property, including tack, equipment, vehicles, or trailers, due to fire, theft, accident, or any other cause, is not covered by Hidden Fox Farm.  Boarder is advised to insure Boarder’s personal property.  


Guests:  Guests may not ride without first signing a Release form and filing it with Hidden Fox Farm.  Guests of the Boarder shall ride at the Boarder and guest’s sole risk, and Hidden Fox Farm shall not be held responsible for any claims of any guests of the Boarder of any nature. 


30-Day Notice: Thirty days written notice must be given prior to moving the horse from Hidden Fox Farm.  Boarder agrees that final bill will be paid in full before horse is removed from facility premises. If the horse is moved prior to the end of the thirty days from the time of written notice, Boarder specifically agrees to pay the normal board fee for stall/corral/pasture until the end of the thirty day period. If the horse is removed from the premises without such payment the lien on the horse will go into immediate effect.  Hidden Fox Farm reserves the right to give Boarder thirty days notice without cause to remove the horse from the premises.


Enforcement Costs: If it is necessary for Hidden Fox Farm to institute any litigation to collect any sums due hereunder or enforce any terms or conditions of this agreement, Hidden Fox Farm shall be entitled to attorney’s fees and court costs connected with the enforcement of this agreement.


Inspection of Premises: Boarder has inspected Hidden Fox Farm’s premises and facilities and is satisfied that they are sound and will provide an adequate and reasonable level of safety.  Boarder’s Initials: __________


Release and Hold Harmless Agreement:  Boarder has read, agreed to, and signed Hidden Fox Farm’s Lesson, Training, & Boarding Release and Hold Harmless Agreement.   Boarder’s Initials: __________


Rules and Regulations:  Boarder has received a copy of, and agrees to abide by, Hidden Fox Farm’s Rules and Regulations.  Boarder’s Initials: __________





Boarder’s Signature _______________________________________________ Date: ___________________


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