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Fox Tales, April, 2022



Yay!   Winter is over and Spring has arrived.  We measured only 7 inches of rain this season, just about 70% of normal.  Please remember that we live in a desert, and water is precious, and have to conserve water.

Spring is Nigh....


Spring is our favorite time of year.  Wild flowers are in bloom, especially our purple Ceanothus - Mountain Lilac - and there’s lots of grass for the horses to munch.  Don’t miss the desert wildflowers. 

It’s time for Spring Cleaning.  Organize your equipment and supplies and make sure you have your name on everything.  Clean your grooming supplies in a bucket of bleach solution.  Order ID tags to put on new halters and bridles, and a saddle plate for that awesome new saddle.  Is your name in the pretty new hard hat?  Does your horse have an ID tag or micro-chip?

What's Happening?

Lots of stuff.  We are planning trail rides to the beach and the mountains. We are figuring out which events to attend at the Del Mar Horseshow in April and May.  


Watch Out!


There have already been reports of rattlesnakes in Crest.  They’re hunting mice and other small rodents and doing their part in controlling the pest population.  Don’t forget that we built our tack rooms in their yards!  Let’s try to live with the snakes and not bother them.


If you see a snake at HFF, please let the staff, and everyone else, know immediately.  We will see what kind of snake it is and warn people to keep away, if necessary.  General snake rules include:  Don’t step or put your hands where you cannot see.  Don’t get into wood, rocks, or brush (or jumps!) without checking for snakes first.  Wear good shoes and long pants.  Don’t tease, poke, goad, or provoke the wildlife!  Most bites occur when a person tries to kill or move a rattler.

Horse Show Season:



Summer Camp Dates:

June 24-28: Summer Camp For First Timers, age 5 and up.

July 15-19: Summer Camp​ for Beginner Riders.

Aug. 5 - 9:  Fun Camp! For riders who walk/trot/canter and jump small jumps. 

Camps run from 8:30 – 12:30 each day and cost $375.00 with a $100.00 deposit.


HFF is offering Novice Level camps for our current riders and friends.  There’s a little wiggle room with the dates, so if what you see doesn’t work for you, maybe we can make changes.  If you have friends, family, or neighbors who are interested in a First Timer Camp, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate.  See our Summer Camps page for more information.

Horse Camping, Picnics, and Trail Rides:

We've got some exciting SUMMER activities in the planning stages - Horse Camping trips to the Cuyamacas, Trail Rides around the county, Beach Rides and Picnics, and our annual Campout in the Arena.  We'll be firming these plans up soon.

2021 & 2022 Del Mar National Horse Shows Have Been Canceled due to COVID-19

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