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Fox Tales, January, 2019



Horseshow Planning Meeting Saturday, January 5, 2019, at 1:00 PM at the Barn.

This is for parents and riders interested in attending this year's 2019 horse shows.  We will be discussing everything you need to know, from what to wear, what to expect, what to buy, where to get it, which horse you will be riding, classes you will compete in, fees involved, etc. etc.

Rain Cancellation Policy

Rainy Day Cancellation:  If it's raining, or if rain is in the forecast, and you’re wondering if lessons are cancelled, call Katy’s number (619) 933-9543 and listen for the message.  Sometimes it's perfect riding weather at the barn, while it's raining at your house.  If you miss a package lesson, remember to reschedule it during the same month.

Lesson Schedules:  It will be pleasanter to ride mid-day when possible.  Remember that lessons need to be done by 5 PM.

Some Reminders

The fire season, which spared us here in San Diego but devastated many of our fellow Californians to the north, is behind us, but let’s remember to stay alert when the weather is dry.

Let's Keep Conserving Water:  Maybe we'll get a decent amount of rain this winter, or maybe not. Regardless, we need to continue to conserve water in this desert we live in.

2019 Del Mar National Horse Show and Jumper Grand Prix

There will be three events of particular interest:  Night of the Horse is a wonderful show with many entertaining horse performers.  The Musical Freestyle is always a thrill, watching the most beautiful and talented dressage riders and horses dancing to music.  And lastly, the Jumper Grand Prix is an exciting display of athleticism as horses and their riders race over huge jumps.​

NIGHT of the HORSE • Saturday, April 20 • 7:00 PM

Equestrian variety show featuring unique and exciting top-notch entertainment which will thrill your entire family!

EVENING of MUSICAL FREESTYLES • Saturday, April 27 • 7:00 PM

Known as “ballet on horseback,” this Dressage event features Olympic and World Champion horse and rider pairs.

$100,000 GRAND PRIX of DEL MAR • Saturday, May 4 • 6:45 PM

Action-packed speed, agility, and nail-biting show jumping competition.


Please plan to join us for this year's Del Mar Jumper Grand Prix, to be held on Saturday, May 4.  We will be buying a block of tickets so we can all sit together.  Please let Katy know ASAP if you plan to attend - Tickets are first-come, first-served.​

Winter For Your Horse

Exercise:  Shorter days and rain often mean the horses get less exercise.   Work with us to make sure your horse gets the exercise and care needed to stay fit and healthy.

Blanketing:  We get a lot of questions about when to blanket and why.  Blanketing is a controversial topic, and is dependent on the expected weather, the type of stall the horse is in, the condition of your horse and his coat, and the wishes of the owner.  Rest assured that if we believe your horse needs to be blanketed, we will do it and let you know.  For more on this topic please read:

Summer Camps???

Yes, we will be holding Summer Camps for First-Timers, our Novice Riders, and our brilliant Advanced Riders.  See our Calendar Page for dates.

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